Zivan 12V 100A Switch Mode Battery Charger

Zivan 12V 100A Switch Mode Battery Charger

Zivan 80V 27A Switch Mode Battery Charger

Zivan 80V 27A Switch Mode Battery Charger

Zivan 48V 50A Switch Mode Battery Charger


48V 50A Even smarter smart charger! Detects battery problems and adjusts charge process accordingly.

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ZIVAN are an American company specialising in building quality efficient chargers for RV, Marine, Solar and Electric Vehicles including Forklifts and Golf Buggy's.

ZIVAN charger's have the ability to detect problems with the battery itself. As batteries age, cells tend to become weak and will not charge properly. Using a standard charger often produces high battery temperatures resulting in the gassing and even boiling of the electrolyte damaging the battery.

The ZIVAN charger uses both voltage and time limits to detect the end of each charge phase. This allows the charger to automatically switch to the next charge phase even if the battery is not responding properly. As a result the sulfation of the battery plates decreases and the life of the battery is increased, saving you money.

The ZIVAN Advantage:

  • ZIVAN chargers operate at 85-90% efficiency for maximum electricity savings and faster charging times.
  • Reduced size & weight for high portability.
  • Shortened charge cycles for faster charging.
  • Controlled output is independent of input voltage variations giving the ability to charge from a generator or other unreliable voltage source.
  • Electronic control to produce the exact charge profile recommended by the battery manufacturer.
  • Adaptable to every use and very flexible.
  • CE certified.
  • Strong design with Metal case, base and ABS cover.
  • Coated printed circuit boards for reduced corrosion and longevity.
  • ZIVAN chargers are all controlled by microprocessor and internally protected against overload, short circuit, incorrect connection and voltage transients.
  • Can be used anywhere in Australia with an operating temperature from -20 to +50 degrees celcius.



Model      Voltage        Output Current   


Battery Capacity

NG3 12-100 12 V 100A 500-1000Ah
NG3 24-80 24V 80A 400-800Ah
NG3 48-50 48V 50A 250-500Ah
NG3 80-27 80V 27A 135-270Ah
NG3 120-18 120V 18A 90-180Ah
NG3 144-15 144V 15A 75-150Ah


Operating principles:

A battery charger considerably affects the life and performance of the battery. A non controlled traditional battery charger (rectifier) provides a simple direct AC to DC conversion.

•Low efficiency
•Large physical size
•Long charge times
•Charge depends on changes in the mains supply (with overcharge danger in the final charge phase).

In ZIVAN chargers these disadvantages are solved with an indirect AC/DC conversion by passing through an intermediate DC/DC conversion.
This is the usual method of operation for the SMPS (Switching Mode Power Supply) at high power. This solution gives a good performance for minimum cost and physical dimensions using switches. The main advantages of this solution are:

•High efficiency
•Reduced dimensions
•Short charge times
•Charge independent of changes in the main supply
•Electronic control that provides the desired charge curve.

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