12V 800mA CTEK Battery Charger

12V 800mA CTEK Battery Charger

17W UNI-SOLAR Flexible Thin Film Solar Panel - SHR-17 Roofing Shingle


Flexible, Lightweight, Durable, Shade Tolerant, High Temperature Performance

2195 x 305 x 4 mm
Max Power: 1.9A @ 9.0V
Solar Roofing Shingle

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Please note: These modules are not approved for household, grid interactive use or creation of Federal STC Incentives. Can be used for non-STC creation for remote power projects such as awnings, carports and other specialty projects.

Lightweight - UNI-SOLAR PV-laminates are extremely lightweight with only 3.6 kg / m2 or 0.7 lbs / sq. ft.

Easy to install - UNI-SOLAR PV-laminates are easy to install. They incorporate quick-connect Multicontact leads and an adhesive backing.

Flexible - UNI-SOLAR PV-laminates are flexible, offering freedom of design to architects and they can also conform to curved surfaces.

Durable - Glass-free, encapsulated in UV-stabilised, weather resistant polymers, UNI-SOLAR PV-laminates are resistant to wind and hail.

More Information
Dimensions 2195 x 305 x 4mm
Max Peak Power Under 50W
MPP Current 1.9
MPP Voltage 9
Module Efficiency N/A
Open Circuit Voltage 13
Short Circuit Current 2.4
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