Sungear Australia SGP8 Solar Bore Pump Kit

Sungear Australia SGP8 Solar Bore Pump Kit

Sungear Australia SGP11 Solar Bore Pump Kit

Sungear Australia SGP11 Solar Bore Pump Kit

Sungear Australia SGP9 Solar Bore Pump Kit


72V Solar Submersible Solar Bore Pump Kit
Pump up to 90 metres total lift
Up to 12,600 litres/day
2 Year Warranty

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The SGP series of Solar Powered Submersible Bore Pumps offer an affordable and reliable solution to handling the toughest of remote water pumping needs. These self-installation solar pumping kits are perfect replacements for Windmills for low and medium duty irrigation, livestock watering, ponds, islands, remote homes, and cabins.


  • Durable stainless steel and rubber construction
  • Spare rotor and stator supplied with helical rotor pumps
  • MPPT optimising algorithm in the pump controller
  • Adjustable pumping speed control
  • 5 status LEDs for system monitoring
  • Linear performance warranty on the solar modules
  • Polypropylene rope prevents electrolytic corrosion of the pump
  • The ability to pump water practically anywhere no matter how remote! 


Our SGP9 Solar Pump Package comes with:

  • 1 x SGP9 72V Helical Rotor Bore Pump
  • 1 x SGP MPPT Pumping Controller
  • 6 x High Quality Solar Panel
  • 2 x Duragal Pole Top Solar Panel Frame
  • Low Water Level sensor
  • 25m of submersible Pump Cable
  • 25m of Low Level Sensor cable
  • 25m Polypropylene pump support rope
  • Multicontact cable to connect solar array to controller

Installation is a relatively simple process which involves the following steps:

  • Installation of 2 x 75mm OD support poles for the solar panel mounting bracket
  • Installation of pipe from pump to water storage location
  • Connection of wiring

Flow Table

vertical lift
Daily flow*
2.5m 12,600
5m 12,300
10m 12,000
15m 11,400
20m 11,000
25m 10,500
30m 10,000
40m 9,700
50m 9,200
60m 8,700
70m 8,100
80m 7,500
90m 7,000td>

* Approximate figures in litres per day based on 5 peak sun hours per day at 1000W/m2 25°C.

More Information
Dimensions N/A
Max Head N/A
Max Flow 2,500L/hr
Outlet Type 1" (25.4mm)
Max Controller Voltage 132V
Power 1000W
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