Studer Xtender XTS 900-12 700W / 900W 35A 12VDC Inverter Charger

Studer Xtender XTS 900-12 700W / 900W 35A 12VDC Inverter Charger

Studer Xtender XTM 2000-12 2000W 100A 12VDC Inverter Charger


Swiss Made
Incredibly Versatile
5 Year warranty

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The Xtender series provides unmatched freedom of use due to its many functions. In a basic application it offers a total package : the functions of inverter, battery charger, transfer system and assistance to the source. These functions can be combined and controlled in a totally automatic way for exceptional ease and optimal management of available energy.

The Xtender is equipped with a command entry and 2 configurable auxiliary contacts. This allows automatic control of a genset or a load shedding when the battery voltage is too low. This flexibility makes it possible to implement special functionalities necessary for a good energy management in standalone power systems.


  • Outstanding efficiency and overload.
  • Perfect management and limitation of AC sources.
  • Power shaving of consumption peaks.
  • Active filtering of load steps on a genset.
  • Automatic protection of sources against overload.
  • Parallel and three-phase setting, up to 9 units (72kW).
  • Powerful multi-stage PFC charger.
  • Ultra-short transfer time (from 0 to 15ms max.)
  • Automatic and efficient stand-by
  • 2 programmable auxiliary contacts (optional on the XTS)
  • Compatible with AC coupling
  • XTS electronically protected against reverse polarity
  • Display, programming and data logging via optional remote control.
  • RS-232 communication for remote monitoring.
More Information
Dimensions 133 x 322 x 466 mm
Battery Voltage 12V
Charge Current 70A
Efficiency 93%
Output Surge Power 4800VA
Output Continuous Power 2000VA
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