Outback RTS Temperature Sensor

Outback RTS Temperature Sensor

Blue Sky Energy SolarBoost IPN PRO Remote

Blue Sky Energy SolarBoost IPN PRO Remote

Studer RCC-02 Remote Control


Wall Mounted Remote Control & Programming Centre for the Studer Xtender range

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Remote control and programming centre RCC-02/03

Both units have exactly the same feature sets which allow the user to monitor their system and fully customise any settings to suit their needs. The RCC-02 is an enscapulated wall unit, while the RCC-03 is used for panel mounting. An RCC unit gives controlled access to the many adjustable parameters of the Xtender series. It enables users to change the charge curves to suit a particular style of battery, program the auxiliary contacts and gives access to many configurable operational options.

Thanks to its graphic display the RCC-02/03 provides clear and comprehensive information on the state of the system. The unit memorises and displays the events that occurr on an installation and helps the user to anticipate any problems that may appear. The RCC units also include a slot for an SD card to update firmware and log data for analysis off-site.

Data logging and analysis

You can easily analyze your data with the RCC-02/03 Data-logger function which records onto an SD card placed into the unit. The RCC will record the main electrical values of your Xtender system during its operation. Some of the information recorded includes the total energy consumption, any cuts to power supply, altered states of the auxilary contacts, input and output currents and voltages and more. Studer Innotec Ltd. offers two free graphical analysis tools, Xtender Data Analysis Tool and Xtender Matlab® Data Analysis available for free download.

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