SPA PTF2 Solar Panel Pole Mount Kit

SPA PTF2 Solar Panel Pole Mount Kit

SOA Solar Rail Tilt Legs

SOA Solar Rail Tilt Legs

Clenergy Solar Rail 2100mm Mounting Kit


Versatile solar panel surface mount kit to suit 2 x 250W to 400W solar modules.
We have many available rail systems. Please contact us for more details

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We have Many available rail systems. Please contact us for more details.

The versatile Clenergy surface mount system simplifies multiple solar panel installations on a range of roofing designs.

The mounting system is based around long lengths of aluminium rail that employ a number of recessed channels to allow mounting harware to slide along for placement in the most convenient spot. As such, it becomes easy to line up the mounting feet to rafters or battens of any distance apart.

The L shaped foot is designed for mounting onto colourbond or other cladding materials. With this style of foot a typical installation method is to remove an existing roofing screw and replace it through the hole in the L foot.

Stainless steel tile brackets are also available for use on tiled roofs. The bracket base attaches to a roofing batten and the mounting arm extends out underneath the tile avoiding the need to modify the existing roof structure or install specialised tiles. The standard package is supplied with L feet. Tile brackets may be ordered at an additional cost.

Once a bottom and top rail have been installed the panels are fixated to the rails with mid and end clamps which slide along to the appropriate location. This method prevents the need to drill or work on the panel framework at all, reducing the risk of damage to the panels.

Usage of the rail system is not confined to flush mount roofing scenarios. It is a simple matter on flat or shallow angle surfaces to add an extension leg on one rail to increase the array angle to the optimal 30 degrees value. Our systems can also be configured for ground and pole mount applications.

The kit contains:

  • 2 x 2100mm lengths of Aluminium Solar Rail
  • 4 x End clamps c/w Bolt & Nut
  • 4 x Mid clamps c/w Bolt & Nut
  • 6 x L-Feet c/w Bolt & Nut

Optional tilt-mount kit available

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Dimensions 2100mm
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