8 inch Earth Anchor

8 inch Earth Anchor

Penetrator Screw Anchor with Tie Ring

Penetrator Screw Anchor with Tie Ring

Penetrator Screw Anchor (without tie ring)


18 inch reusable aluminium ground screw. Provides up to 1,100 kg of holding power

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Lightweight and reuseable, the Penetrator screw anchor offers heavy duty load handling with minimum effort.

The Penetrator is composed of high quality lightweight 356-T6 aluminum, and its 1 hex head accommodates easy installation with a 3/4 impact wrench or ratcheting T-Handle. The wide cast-in lip or optional tie-off ring makes guying or tying-off exceptionally convenient in many applications.

Compared to straight-shank stakes or cumbersome augers, the distinctive design of the Penetrator anchor provides an impressive 1,100 kilos of holding power, more than enough to secure anything from a mailbox to a tool shed. 


3 Tonne Winch immobilised with Screw Anchors

Soil conditions minimum vertical depth1 18 inches (450mm)
Pullout Force
Hard pan soil
1,100 kg
Class 1 soil2 dense sand & gravel
770 kg
Class 2 soil2 medium sandy gravel
270 kg
Class 3 soil2 loose medium to fine sand
160 kg
Class 4 soil2 loose fine uncompacted sand
90 kg

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