Outback FM80 MPPT Solar Regulator

Outback FM80 MPPT Solar Regulator

Victron SmartSolar 150V 45A MPPT Solar Regulator

Victron SmartSolar 150V 45A MPPT Solar Regulator

GSL BMPPT150 Voltage Boosting Regulator


150W Voltage Boosting Solar Regulator.

Charge 24 or 48V Batteries with 12V Panels!

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Use your 12V panels to charge 24 or 48V battery arrays with this Voltage Boosting Regulator from GSL. The Australian Made BMPPT150 is perfect for charging golf carts or electric scooter's with a high battery voltage and limited space.

Specifications BMPPT150
Maximum Output Current 5.2A @ 29V
Maximum Input Panel Power

150W with Vbat/Vmp ~ 2

100W with Vbat/Vmp ~ 4

Input Voltage 14 to 54V (See Note 1)
Battery Voltage 24V/48V (See Note 2)
Efficiency 95%
Monitoring & Control Yes
Dawn to Dusk, LVD or Remote Control Yes
PV Short and Surge Protection Yes
Thermal Protection Yes
Dimensions 100 x 75 x 35mm



Maximum Output 150 Watts

   •   Use when required output voltage
        is higher than PV voltage
   •   Designed to charge 24V batteries from 12V panels
        or float charge 48V batteries from 12V or 24V panels 
   •   Low Voltage Disconnect
   •   Dawn to Dusk Load Control
   •   Minimum Vmp of 14V, lower upon request, MOQ applies
   •   Maximum Voc of 54V 
   •   Up to 150W of Input Power

Design and specifications may change without notice.
Note 1: The panel’s open circuit voltage must always be lower than the battery charge voltage.
Note2: On 48V batteries only a fixed float charge at 54V is available.

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