100Ah Lithium

Victron 12.8v 100Ah Lithium LiFePo4 Battery

ELMOFO 50NMC Powercell 3.7V 50Ah 8C Lithium Ion Cell (A-Grade)

Cell Voltage (Nom):   3.7V
Cell Capacity:   50Ah
Max Discharge:   8C / 400A 10sec
Cell Dimensions:        149 x 27 x 113(h)mm 
Cell Weight:   ~900g (+/-25g)
Cycle Life:   2000 cycles 1C/1C 80% DOD

Ideal for building high power Lithium packs for Electric Vehicles, Dirtbikes and Energy Storage Systems

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ELMOFO 50NMC Powercells are CALB's A-Grade only NMC Lithium Ion cells. Not to be confused with B-Grade or lower offerings on the web where the cells have either had a previous life or didn't make the grade in CALB's quality assurance testing.

These ELMOFO 50NMC Powercells are manufactured with a M6 stud to enable easy battery pack assembly with no requirement for laser welding.

Capacity:   50Ah
Voltage (Nom):   3.7V
Voltage (Max):   4.2V
Voltage (Min):        2.8V
Unit Weight:   ~900g
Discharge Current (10s):   400A
Discharge Current (3min):   150A
Discharge Current (Cont):   50A
Charging Current (Max):   50A
Cycle Life:   2000 cycles 1C/1C 80% DOD

ELMOFO 50NMC Lithium Ion Powercells are a high energy density cell designed for power applications that require:

• High Power Output
• Light Weight
• Long Life
• Excellent Energy Density
• Excellent Power-to-Energy Balance

Price includes:

1  x  3.7V 50Ah NMC Cell
1  x  Copper Link Bar
2  x  M6 Locking Washer Nuts

More Information
Dimensions 200 x 200 x 100mm (Shipping)
Battery Voltage 3.7V
Battery Tech Lithium
Battery Energy Capacity 185Wh
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