ELMOFO 48V 2.59kWh Lithium Battery Module

ELMOFO 48V 2.59kWh Lithium Battery Module

Tesla 5.6kWh Lithium Battery Module from Model S 90kWh Pack (Used)

Tesla 5.6kWh Lithium Battery Module from Model S 90kWh Pack (Used)

ELMOFO 48V 5.18kWh Lithium Battery Module

Pack Voltage (Nom):   51.8V
Pack Capacity:   100Ah
Pack Energy:   5.18kWh
Discharge Current:        450A 10sec
Pack Weight:   32kg

Cost effective 48V Lithium option for Remote Solar, Domestic and Industrial Energy Storage and Telecommunications Sites

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These 48V 100Ah 5.18kWh High Power ELMOFO Lithium Battery Packs are designed as a lead acid battery replacement in a wide variety of applications where reduced weight and increased cycle life are required.

ELMOFO Lithium Battery Packs utilise the ELMOFO 50NMC Powercells. These are CALB's A-Grade NMC Lithium Ion cells and are capable of more than 2000 cycles to 80% Depth of Discharge, which is around 7 times the cycle life of a typical deep cycle lead acid battery when cycled to the same Depth of Discharge (DOD).

For safety and peace of mind, these modules incorporate an internal Battery Management System as well as a Battery Monitor to provide an accurate indication of Voltage, Current, Capacity Remaining and State of Charge (SOC).

Capacity:   5.18kWh (100Ah)
Voltage (Nom):   51.8V
Voltage (Max):   58.8V
Voltage (Min):        42.0V
Discharge Current (Peak):   450A (BMS Limit)
Discharge Current (Cont):   200A (BMS Limit)
Charging Current (Max):   100A
Enclosure Dimensions:   315 x 295 x 270mm
Unit Weight:   32kg

These Lithium modules feature: applications that require:

• High power output
• Long battery life 
• Excellent energy density

Other applications include:

• Energy storage for remote solar installations
• Remote radio and telecommunications sites
• Peak load shaving on domestic, commercial and industrial sites
• Battery backup for remote water pumping
• Solar lighting systems
• Mining and other industrial applications

More Information
Dimensions 315 x 295 x 270mm
Battery Voltage 51.8V
Battery Tech Lithium
Battery Energy Capacity 5.18kWh
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