ELMOFO E-Cells ALB52-106 Lithium Battery

ELMOFO E-Cells ALB52-106 Lithium Battery

ELMOFO 48V 20kWh Industrial Lithium Battery Pack

ELMOFO 48V 20kWh Industrial Lithium Battery Pack

ELMOFO 48V 10kWh Industrial Lithium Battery Pack

Pack Voltage (Nom):   51.8V
Pack Capacity:   200Ah
Pack Energy:   10.36kWh
Discharge Current:        400A 10sec
Pack Weight:   80kg

Cost effective Lithium option for Remote Solar, Domestic and Industrial Energy Storage and Telecommunications Sites

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ELMOFO Industrial Lithium Battery Packs utilise the ELMOFO 50NMC Powercells. These are CALB's A-Grade NMC Lithium Ion cells. 

The ELMOFO Lithium Battery Packs are housed in a high quality powder coated steel enclosure with a gas-strut assisted door.

Capacity:   10.36kWh (200Ah)
Voltage (Nom):   51.8V
Voltage (Max):   58.8V
Voltage (Min):        42.0V
Discharge Current (Peak):   400A (BMS Limit)
Discharge Current (Cont):   200A (BMS Limit)
Charging Current (Max):   200A
Enclosure Dimensions:   800 x 400 x 400mm
Dimensions inc Base Mounts:   930 x 400 x 450mm
Unit Weight:   80kg

These Lithium modules feature: applications that require:

• High power output
• Long battery life 
• Excellent energy density

Applications include:

• Energy storage for remote solar installations
• Remote radio and telecommunications sites
• Peak load shaving on domestic, commercial and industrial sites
• Battery backup for remote water pumping
• Solar lighting systems
• Mining and other industrial applications

More Information
Dimensions 950 x 450 x 500mm (Shipping)
Battery Voltage 51.8V
Battery Tech Lithium
Battery Energy Capacity 10.36kWh
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