5000W SMA 2-MPPT

5000W SMA 2-MPPT

Sungrow 5kW Premium Inverter

Sungrow 5kW Premium Inverter

Delta 3kW Grid Inverter


Delta 3kW Grid Inverter
Max Power Output: 3000W AC
Max Voltage Input: 550V DC
Max output Current: 14.3A

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Product features

  • Single MPPT design
  • Transformerless inverter
  • Wide operating range
  • Fanless design enchancing product life
  • Peak efficiency up to 97.5%
  • LCD display
  • IP54 protection
  • Easy installation
  • Optional wifi/ethernet
  • Built-in DC switch
General Information 
Operating temp. range -25~60°C
Protection level IP65
Operating elevation <2000m
Cooling Natural cooling
Dimension 420 × 367 × 157
Weight 15Kg
Communication port RS485 / wifi optional
Display LCD 16 character × 2
Peak efficiency 97.00%
Euro efficiency 96.20%

Electrical Specifications

DC Input 
Max. input voltage 550V
Operating voltage range 125~500V
Start voltage 150V
Rated voltage 350V
MPP tracker 1
Max. input current 10A
Connection type 2 pairs MC4
AC Output 
Max. output power 3000W AC
Max. output current 14.3A
Rated voltage 230V
Operating voltage range ±20%
Operating frequency range 50/60Hz ±5Hz
THD <3%
Night time consumption <2W


  • VDE-AR-N 4105
  • AS4777
  • AS3100
  • IEC 62109-1/-2
  • EN 61000-6-2
  • EN 61000-6-3
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