150W SOLMAX Flexible Shingled Monocrystalline Solar Panel

150W SOLMAX Flexible Shingled Monocrystalline Solar Panel

130W KWT130P KSolar Solar Panel

130W KWT130P KSolar Solar Panel

125W BP Solar BP3125 Solar Panel


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The BP Solar BP3125J and BP3125S solar modules feature 157mm Silicon Nitride coated solar cells to enhance module performance and efficiency.

They provide cost-effective photovoltaic power for DC loads with many energy requirements. With 36 polycrystalline solar cells in series, they charge batteries efficiently in virtually any climate.

The BP3125J solar module incorporates a junction box for cable terminations, while the BP3125S solar module has weatherproof Multi-Contact plug-in connectors.

Applications of these solar modules encompasses virtually all applications where photovoltaics are a feasible energy source, including telecommunication systems, pumping and irrigation, cathodic protection, remote villages and homes, and land-based navigation aids. Their rugged Universal frame is suitable for industrial use, and exceeds the requirements of all certifying agencies.

We also have solar regulators available to suit this solar panel, but please note that as it is possible for a solar panel to exceed it's rated current output in some conditions, a solar regulator with a rating of at least 10 Amps is recommended for this 125W solar panel.

Our Steca Solarix PRS15 15 Amp Regulator would be suitable for a single 125W solar panel installation.

More Information
Dimensions 1510 x 674mm
Max Peak Power 100W to 150W
MPP Current 7.23A
MPP Voltage 17.3V
Module Efficiency N/A
Open Circuit Voltage 22.1V
Short Circuit Current 8.02A
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