AIR Breeze Wind Turbine

AIR Breeze Wind Turbine

Wind Turbine Stop Switch

Wind Turbine Stop Switch

AIR Breeze Marine Wind Turbine


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The most powerful wind generator in its class.

The all-new AIR Breeze replaces the AIR X. Quieter, more efficient, and precision engineered to deliver more energy at lower wind speeds than any other wind generator in its class. AIR Breeze is the next generation of Air turbines with more than 100,000 units sold in 120 countries, the world's most popular small wind turbine.

3 year warranty
Durable composite blades
Microprocessor-based smart internal regulator with peak power tracking
Aircraft-quality aluminum alloy castings
Brushless neodymium alternator
Maintenance-free only two moving parts






Rotor Diameter: 1.15 metres
Weight: 5.85 kg
Mount: 48mm OD Pipe kg
Start up wind speed: 5 knots (2.68 m/s)
Voltage: 12, 24 & 48 Volt
Output: 200 watts at 24 knots (12.5 m/s)

KWh per Month:

38 KWh/Mo at 19.2 kph (5.4 m/s)

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