1320Ah Century Yuasa 4V Deep Cycle Battery

1320Ah Century Yuasa 4V Deep Cycle Battery

122Ah STAUNCHCELL HTL 12V Gel Deep Cycle Battery

122Ah STAUNCHCELL HTL 12V Gel Deep Cycle Battery

61Ah STAUNCHCELL HTL 12V Gel Deep Cycle Battery

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Sealed GEL Deep Cycle Battery
Added Catalyst to enable Higher Temperature Tolerance
61Ah @ 100hr Discharge Rate
55Ah @ 20hr Discharge Rate
229 x 138 x 208mm
Weight: 16.2kg

Proven LONG LIFE battery suitable for industrial and mobile applications. Trusted by mining, telecommunications and other performance critical industries.

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The Staunchcell HTL deep cycle gel battery adopts the advanced developed nano gel electrolyte with super-C additive plus heavy duty plates. They have a longer service life in deep cycle discharge use and can provide optimum and reliable service under extreme conditions such as high temperature and frequent power failure.

The higher temperature tolerance of the Staunchcell HTL range makes them particularly suitable for Australia's extreme conditions. The HTL deep cycle battery range are the ideal solution for mobile and remote applications such as caravans, motor homes, marine, telecommunication stations, solar lighting and off-grid solar power systems.

General Features

  • High temperature tolerance. Can operate in 40-60°C ambient termperatures
  • Integrated design to ensure the best uniformity and reliability
  • Longer life and higher stability under high temp. environment (no air-con needed)
  • Super-C additives: Deep discharge recovery capability, 1600 cycles @ 50% DOD


50Ah 55Ah 60Ah 61Ah Gel Deep Cycle Battery for Solar Power Applications Cardiff Newcastle Australia

More Information
Dimensions 229 x 138 x 208mm
Capacity @ 20C 55Ah
Capacity @ 100C 61Ah
Battery Voltage 12V
Battery Tech Sealed GEL
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