Blue Sky Energy Sun Charger 30A 12V PWM Regulator

Blue Sky Energy Sun Charger 30A 12V PWM Regulator

200W Energy Efficient Highbay Induction Light

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200W 4000k Colour Temperature Highbay Light
Save 50% energy usage over standard highbay lights
Instantaneous start-up
As little as 2 month payback!

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200W Energy Efficient Highbay Induction Lights have a long life span of up to 100,000 hours. Their reduced power consumption will save up to 50% in energy usage when compared to standard warehouse lighting.

Due to their low operating temperature (< 80 deg C), they will also save on air conditioning costs associated with offsetting higher temperature lighting. This also makes it ideal for cold storage applications.

The advantages of these Highbay Induction Lights include savings on electricity costs, maintenance costs, labor costs and lamp replacement costs. The energy savings alone can recoup the cost of these lights in as little as 6 months when replacing comventional 400W highbay lighting.

They also feature instantaneous start-up which means they can be switched on and off as desired.

Product Features Include:

• High pressure die-casting aluminium cover
• Aluminium reflector high reflectance and stable optical property
• Tempered glass, high light transmission
• Wide range of colour temperatures available to order
• Electrostatic spray surface
• All commercial applications, shops, factory, warehouse, supermarket, workshop, service stations, cold storage
• Low operating temperature
• Low maintenance
• No flicker or glare

More Information
Dimensions 640 x 595 x 595mm
Max Input Voltage 240Vac
Max Output Current 1
Supported Battery Voltages 2
Efficiency 3
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