Xantrex XW 60A MPPT Solar Booster Regulator

Xantrex XW 60A MPPT Solar Booster Regulator

12V 50A Xantrex Professional Battery Charger

12V 50A Xantrex Professional Battery Charger

12V 30A Xantrex Professional Battery Charger


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The Xantrex BC range of chargers was designed with the problems of marine applications in mind, but their versatility and range of features are highly desirable in any charging application.

The BC range of chargers can entirely independently manage up to 3 separate banks of batteries. The battery banks can be of different chemical compositions, states of charge, and total capacity. The only thing which need be the same amongst them is their total bank voltage (ie. 12V or 24V).

Each battery banks charging design is selectable between flooded, gel, AGM, or lead-calcium (custom battery types can also be catered for with a network upgrade).

The BC range of chargers will accept virtually any AC power source in the world. Its auto-ranging input voltage capability allows the unit to operate with AC voltages of 100 to 260V at 47-63Hz. This also makes it ideal for use with variant, unstable, or otherwise low-quality AC power sources such as generators.

The charger range is designed to accomodate either vertical or horizontal mounting and incorporates a drip-proof design which forces moisture away from the interior of the unit (IP32 environmental enclosure rating against moisture).

Xantrex BC charger units meet FCC Class B regulations thereby eliminating interference potential with other electronic equipment, while UL Marine certification ensures compliance with strict marine safety standards.

Optional remote panel,intelligent shunt, and temperature sensors are available for the range of chargers.

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