Victron 30-30-30 DC Charging Kit

Victron 30-30-30 DC Charging Kit


Victron Orion Smart 12/12-18A DC-DC Charger Isolated

Victron 50-50-50 DC Charging Kit

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Fit out your Caravan, Camper or 4x4 with this Powerful DC Charging Solution by Victron.
Suitable for 12V Lithium Batteries 200Ah +
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Victron 50-50-50

Solar Power Australia / Victron 50-50-50 DC Charging Kit

Big batteries require big chargers. This high output 12V System is the best for big power in your big rig! This kit is perfect for charging lithium batteries in your Caravan, Camper Trailer, Motorhome or 4x4. An excellent choice for batteries over 200Ah The 50-50-50 kit includes:

Victron Smart Solar 100/50 MPPT

This allows up to 600W of Solar to be connected and provides efficient MPPT Charging with Lithium Battery support

Victron Orion XS Smart 12/12-50A DC-DC Charger

The DC-DC Smart Charger takes the charge from your alternator and converts it to accurately charge the second battery in your vehicle.

Victron 12V 50A Phoenix Smart Battery Charger

Pre-charging your system before a trip, or whilst parked in a powered site is done via the Phoenix Smart IP43 50A Charger.

Victron Smart Shunt 500A

Full battery monitoring is essential to ensure your power system has the power to take you to your next destination.

This system is perfectly balanced for batteries over 200Ah in capacity. All devices include bluetooth connectivity so you can monitor the entire system from your smart phone using the Victron Connect APP.

More Information

More Information
Battery Voltage 12
Charge Current 50
Stages 3 stages (Bulk, Absorb, Float)


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