Morningstar Prostar 15M

Morningstar Prostar 15M

Plasmatronics DINGO 20 Solar Regulator

Plasmatronics DINGO 20 Solar Regulator

Blue Sky Energy Sun Charger 30A 12V PWM Regulator

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12V 30A PWM Solar Regulator
Max PV Input Voltage 30Voc
LCD Display & Temperature Compensation

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From the Manufacturer

Our first entry level non MPPT solar charge controller controller. The SC30 12 volt 30 amp solar charge controller is for the budget minded consumer that desires a quality product.

Pulse Width Modulation (PWM) control combined with a sophisticated 3-stage charge algorithm to optimally charge all types of deep cycle batteries and a built in digital display are some of the key features. Do-it-yourselfers will love the ease of installation and use.

The built in low power LCD digital display combines excellent readability with very low power consumption. The SC 30 includes an automatic night time diming feature and may be turned off completly if desired. The high accuracy display shows battery voltage, solar charge current, and computes total solar charge amp-hours produced.

The Sun Charger 30 will promote longer battery life by fully and properly charging batteries. Blue Sky Energy is a leading manufacturer of solar panel charge controllers since 1998. We are recognized for producing reliable, quality products.

Product Features

  • Precise PWM charge voltage control with user adjustable set points
  • 3-Stage charge control plus Euqalization improves battery performance and life
  • Bulk  15.5 volt maximum - Absorption 14.4 volt - Float 13.2 volt
  • Low power LED digital display with auto night time dimming - 14mA standby - 19mA display on
  • 12 Volt / 30 Amp rating supports a wide range of applications up to 450 watts of PV input
  • Automatic night time disconnect of the solar array
  • Solar charge amp-hour counter
  • Very low voltage drop
  • Conformal coated electronics, anodized face plate and stainless steel fasteners resist corrosion
  • Protection for reverse polarity, battery PV swap, transient voltage, over current, and over temperature
  • Built in battery temperature compensation with optional remote temperature sensor
More Information
Dimensions 117.5 x 161.9 x 31.8mm
Max Input Voltage N/A
Max Output Current 30A
Supported Battery Voltages 12V
Efficiency N/A
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